Walls Within New Album "After the Dawn" release in March 2016 

With recording behind them and a new addition in the guitar department Walls Within is gearing up to release their new album "After the Dawn" in March of 2016.  ""After the Dawn," represents the overcoming of personal struggles and loss" says Walls Within guitarist Nathan Joseph.  "The album was an emotional journey to say the least and was the first time in a long while I was able to really get in on the writing process" says Walls Within vocalist Jeska.  "It was an amazing process and a first in writing a complete set of lyrics for a Walls Within song' says Walls Within bassist Chris Mattson.  "The album was a challenge in blending both technical and emotional playing styles.  It was also a lot of fun and one of the best albums I have ever put out" says Walls Within drummer Anthony Romero.  Look for Walls Within's new album "After the Dawn" hitting in March of 2016.  Keep it metal ^m^ ^m^


Walls Within has a new vocalist!!! 

Walls Within has undergone some major changes in the last year.  As of the release of our latest album, WWII, we had maintained all original members.  In August of 2014, Lonnie McKnight (drummer) decided to part ways with Walls Within to pursue personal endeavors.  In December of 2014, Anthony Romero graciously accepted the position as a permanent replacement in the drums department.  In June of 2015, Chad Carpenter (vocals) left our band.  We are very grateful to Chad for his work in Walls Within throughout the years.  So, here is our big announcement:  We are beyond excited to welcome Jeska as our new frontwoman for Walls Within!  Jessica has a voice that is unrivaled in dynamic power, and adds an amazing new dimension to the Walls Within sound.  We are so honored and proud to be in the same room with this brilliant singer, and now she is our vocalist!!! Eeeek!!!  Jeska has a few words for you all in the video below:

Big announcement coming 

Major news in the Walls Within camp.  The machine at Walls Within has been feverishly turning out their new album which is scheduled for release in the December/January time frame.   A major line up change has occurred and will be announced next week.  Stay tuned to the website exclusively for details.

Want to get your name cemented in Walls Withins next album? Well we need you!!! 


Today walls within proudly announces their new drummer Anthony Romero (formerly of Fade The Sun)!!!!!  Walls Within will now also begin writing new material with plans to enter the studio to record WWIII EARLY SUMMER 2015!!!! 

New member to Walls Within 

In late August Lonnie McKnight a founding member of Walls Within decided to depart the group.  Since then it has been a struggle to find a drummer that could live up to the task.  We are please to announce that we have found our new drummer.  They have asked to keep their identity hidden until our first show in Feb.

Thanks to all who have helped in our search.

Walls Within

Walls Within Seeking Drummer 

If you don't know Walls Within, we are a professional, touring/gigging metal band with two professionally executed LP releases and a music video. We are scheduled to record our next music video in PHX ASAP, and are looking for a permanent drummer to step in. 
To listen to our music go to:
Our video for our single "Faceless" can be found at:
If interested contact Nathan Joseph at 

Walls Within

WWII Review Heavy Metal Hitman 

Just listened to "Walls Within" album and I have to say I was amazed at the journey this band takes you on with their music. 
When I started with "Numb" the riffs in it where solid and then the other tracks grabbed my attention. "Faceless" is reminiscent of Type O Negative vocals, which is great and the music is awesome it very well maybe the anchor to the album.  "24601" was a surprise, it caught me how Walls Within seemed to capture the spirit of Jean val Jean in a current heavy metal song. The ups and downs in speed of the band are amazing, sometimes a band seems to struggle to maintain speed, but Walls Within grabs and doesn't let go, from the start I enjoyed this album. "Saving Grace", "Vows" "Without" are all great tracks. The guitar solos rock and have excellent rhythm. The riffs are smooth and as mentioned, the transitions from slow to fast, high, and low are flawless. "WWII" is definitely a great work to start with and I am surprised these guys aren't all over and if not now they soon will be, they are a great Metal talent and can really kick some ass-Heavy Metal Hitman