Back end of the business 

Greetings Friends and family!!!!  Anthony from Walls Within here!  I just wanted to drop a line and give everyone an update as to what we're doing as of late.  As many of you know, Jeska, our vocalist was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  Things are looking very very good and we're expecting her to make a quick recovery.  Once she has made a full recovery, we will be releasing our next full length album titled After the Dawn and we will begin touring. 
In the meantime, Nathan, Chris, Riggs, and I will be working on setting up our recording business.  For nearly a decade we have slowly turned our rehearsal space into a full recording studio dubbed Liquid Halo Studios.  We are nearly ready for project launch and have begun lining up clients.  So stay tuned, we'll have a music video out soon and we'll be returning to the stage soon.  My best guess is sometime around summer.  Until then, thank you for your support and I look forward to playing a stage near you!!!!

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