Walls Within welcomes you.

Walls Within is an original four piece progressive metal band from Albuquerque, formed in 2010. The band’s approach to music can be described in a few simple sentences: Write songs that are heavy, yet melodic; brutal, but beautiful; hard-hitting, technical and complex, but not so much as to become unreachable. Walls Within does not exist solely to provide mundane, pedestrian music; they strive to make sounds and write lyrics the listener will feel to their core and find something within that they can make their own. After the critically acclaimed release of their debut EP "WWI" in 2012, Walls Within returned to Austin, TX to record their first full length effort. Under the careful direction of engineer David Butler and producer Ross Falcon, the group journeys deeper than ever before into the spectrum of what drives the human consciousness. World famous engineer Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios put the final touches on an album that will surely garner the attention of heavy music fans everywhere.

W W I I is available online via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3, and Spotify. Our single "The End Of'' is available for free download at